Greco-Roman Lunch

Greco-Roman Lunch is sponsored by the Classics Department and is held bi-weekly, normally on the first and third (and sometimes fifth) Mondays of the month in the Fellows’ Room at Saybrook College. In Fall 2017, the lunch is planned to meet on October 2October 16October 30November 6November 13, and December 4.

The invitation list consists of faculty and graduate students from the Departments of Classics, History, Art History, EALL, Judaic Studies, Religious Studies, and others. They convene at 12:00 for lunch followed by a presentation by one of their number at 12:30. A presentation of up to 30 minutes is followed by questions. The focus of papers ranges freely from literary to archaeological to cultural. Lunch is provided free to those who are not on a meal plan.

Papers are currently invited for the Fall ’17 Greco-Roman Lunch series.  We are looking for presentations on any aspect of the Greek and Roman world and its reception. Papers should be 30 minutes long, to leave about 15 minutes for Q&A. This invitation is open to both faculty and graduate students at any stage in their program. We are aiming for a good mix between faculty and students and among the various disciplines that study the Greco-Roman world at Yale. Presentations need not be polished conference papers–we are equally open to works-in-progress or workshop-style presentations.
Applicants should send a working title and a brief (two sentences) description of what they intend to present. For scheduling purposes, please indicate all dates on which you would be available. Applications should be sent to before August 31, 2017. We will contact applicants as soon as possible after that date.
For more information please contact the organizers:
Dexter Brown, Religious Studies and Classics
Joe Morgan, Classics and History 
CJ Rice, History and Classics