Ramsay MacMullen

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Dunham Professor Emeritus of History
370 Temple St, New Haven, CT 06511-6802


Roman; religion (including early Church); U.S. women’s history; philosophy

Selected Recent Publications

Sisters of the Brush: Their Family, Art, Life and Letters 1797-1833

Sarahs’ Choice 1828-1832

The Earliest Romans. A Character Sketch (Ann Arbor 2011)

Romanization in the Time of Augustus (New Haven, 2000)

Feelings in History, Ancient and Modern (Claremont CA 2003)

Voting About God in Early Church Councils (New Haven 2006)

The Second Church: Popular Christianity A.D. 200–400 (Atlanta/Leiden 2009)

“Punctuation and voice in expository prose,” Literary Imagination 3 (2001) 1–17

“Cultural & political changes in the 4th and 5th centuries,” Historia 52 (2003) 465–95