Welcome to the Academic Year 2016-2017

See what’s on offer! 

YISAP is a multi-departmental research and teaching initiative also offering a graduate qualification to interested students. Read more here.

Quantifying Problems in Ancient History: Working with Numbers from the Distant Past. Friday, May 6. Read more here.

After finishing her PhD at Hopkins, the ancient historian Jessica Lamont will teach at Yale for this coming year. Read more here.

A new workshop for 2016-17: “Encounters with Classical Antiquity in Latin America”. This workshop, developed by Moira Fradinger (Comparative Literature), Aníbal Gonzalez (Spanish and Portuguese), and Emily Greenwood (Classics) will be funded by the Whitney Humanities Center initiative “Humanities / Humanity”. This collaboration and workshop will  involve classicists and scholars of Latin American literature and culture. Stay tuned!