Faculty Books

The Rhetoric of the Roman Fake
Irene Peirano Garrison
Cambridge 2012

Afro-Greeks: Dialogues Between Anglophone Caribbean Literature and Classics in the Twentieth Century
Emily Greenwood
Oxford UP, Jan 2010

Thucydides and the Shaping of History
Emily Greenwood
Duckworth, 2006

Homer in the Twentieth Century: Between World Literature and the Western Canon
Emily Greenwood
Edited by Barbara Graziosi and Emily Greenwood
Oxford UP, June 2007

Reading Herodotus: A Study of the Logoi in Book 5 of Herodotus’ Histories
Emily Greenwood
Edited by Elizabeth Irwin and Emily Greenwood
Cambridge UP, May 2007

Plato on Parts and Wholes: The Metaphysics of Structure
Verity Harte
Oxford UP, November 2002 (Pbk April 2005)

Politeia in Greek and Roman Philosophy
Verity Harte
ed. with Melissa Lane
Cambridge University Press (September 9, 2013)

Aristotle and the Stoics Reading Plato
Verity Harte
ed. with M.M McCabe, R.W. Sharples and Anne Sheppard
BICS Supplement 107. London, 2011.

The Outbreak of the Peloponnesian War
Donald Kagan
Cornell UP, Ithaca, 1969, paperback, 1989

The Archidamian War
Donald Kagan
Cornell UP, (Ithaca, 1974), paperback, 1990