Faculty Books

I, Claudia: Women in Ancient Rome, Vol. 1
Diana Kleiner, Susan Matheson
Texas UP, September 1996

I Claudia II: Women in Roman Art and Society
Diana Kleiner, Susan Matheson
Texas UP, June 2000

Cleopatra & Rome
Diana Kleiner
Belknap Press of Harvard UP, May 2009

Ab Urbe Condita. Livy Book VI
Christina Kraus

Cambridge University Press, 1994
Tacitus: Agricola
Christina Kraus
Contributions to the edition by A.J. Woodman
Cambridge, 2014

Ancient Historiography and its Contexts
Christina Kraus
Edited with John Marincola and Christopher Pelling
Oxford UP, 2010

Livy: Oxford Readings in Classical Studies
Christina Kraus
Edited with Jane D. Chaplin
Oxford UP, June 2009

Visualizing the Tragic: Drama, Myth, and Ritual in Greek Art and Literature
Christina Kraus
Edited with Simon Goldhill, Helene P. Foley, and Jas Elsner
Oxford UP, June 2007

The Classical Commentary: Histories, Practices, Theory
Christina Kraus
Edited with Roy K. Gibson
E. J. Brill, 2002

Classical Commentaries: Explorations in a Scholarly Genre
Christina Kraus
Edited with Christopher Stray