The Yale Interdisciplinary Working Group for the Study of Antiquity

The Yale Interdisciplinary Working Group for the Study of Antiquity (the Ancient Societies Working Group) is a forum for graduate students who take the distant past as their object of study. Once a month participants gather to hear two students from different departments give papers that serve as the basis for a broader discussion across conventional disciplinary boundaries.

In the academic year 2016-17, the working group invites presentations from graduate students and post-docs who research any dimension of the ancient or premodern world and who would like to share their work with colleagues from various disciplines. Presenters will give a 20-minute informal presentation at one of our sessions alongside another presentation by a colleague from a different department. Works in progress, preliminary explorations, and teach-ins are welcome as well as polished work and old topics worth revisiting, so long as the presenter is committed to communicating his or her idea in a way accessible to those outside his or her field and open to questions, comments, and comparative discussion. The goal of the working group is to promote dialogue across disciplinary boundaries (of Classics, History, Religious Studies, Medieval Studies, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, East Asian Languages and Literatures, History of Art, South Asian Studies, etc.) among all of us who share the distant past as our object of study. Meetings will be held monthly on Thursdays at 5:30 pm.

Those interested in presenting during the Spring term 2017 should contact James Nati ( with preliminary proposals or any questions. Organizers: (History of Art), (Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations), James Nati (Religious Studies)