Eleanor Martin, ’19

Eleanor is a fifth-year PhD candidate in the combined program in Classics and History. Her dissertation, “Keeping Time, Constructing Community: Ethnicity and Belonging in the Roman Empire,” examines the construction, expression, and perpetuation of ethnic belonging through shared participation in and understandings of cyclical and linear time. Other research interests include the religious landscapes of Dura Europos, epigraphic multilingalism, and cross-cultural interactions in Imperial Greek Literature. 

Committed to an interdisciplinary approach to the ancient world, she is enrolled in the Archaia qualification, has worked as a graduate curatorial intern at the Yale University Art Gallery, and is involved in the NEH-funded Digital Humanities project IDEA. In previous years, she has coordinated the Greco-Roman Lunch and Classics Works-in-Progress colloquia. In the 2022-2023 academic year, she coorganized the Archaia Forum and the Classics Departmental Colloquium on the theme of “Negotiating Empire” (with Thomas Munro).

Prior to starting at Yale, she graduated from Brasenose College, Oxford, with a BA in Literae Humaniores. Originally from Rhode Island, she is happy to be back in New England after her time in the UK. In her spare time, Eleanor enjoys running and cooking and is unwavering in her dedication to watching Jeopardy every weeknight. Feel free to get in touch with her via email at eleanor.martin@yale.edu.