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Prizes: Each year the Department offers prizes for translation exams in Latin and Greek and for essays in Classical civilization and ancient philosophy. Look for announcements posted in the department in the middle of the spring term.

Photo of Yale campus.

Library access: The Classics Library on the 5th floor of Phelps Hall, housing over 25,000 volumes, is an outstanding research facility, supplementing the expansive holdings of the Sterling Memorial Library. It’s also the 12th most popular place to work on campus, according to the Yale Herald’s Bulldog! Be sure to explore also the vase paintings and other Classical antiquities in the Yale Art Gallery, the extensive collection of medieval manuscripts and ancient papyri in the Beinecke Library, and the growing collection of Greek and Roman coins in the Art Gallery.

Language support: Undergraduate students enrolled in language classes during the academic year can request free one-on-one tutoring with a CLS Tutor.