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Announcements and initiatives

Commitment to diversity The Yale Department of Classics strives for inclusivity in all its activities. Our commitment to diversity and welcome to students and researchers from all backgrounds is found on this page

The department warmly congratulates Emily Greenwood on being named the John M. Musser Professor of Classics.

In the News

picture of pauline leven

Music and Metamorphosis in Greco-Roman Thought

The Department congratulates Pauline Leven on the publication of her second book, new from Cambridge University Press! It offers windows onto a rich web of ideas about the beauty of music, appropriate responses to it, and the nature of the experience of sound and song.

Peopling the Past Podcast

Golden Years and Silver Hair: The Greek Art of Aging with Susan B. Matheson

Listen to Susan B. Matheson, the Molly and Walter Bareiss Curator of Ancient Art, discuss old age and the ways in which the elderly are depicted in ancient Greek art in Episode 10 of the Peopling the Past podcast series.

Yale’s most popular Humanities course!

Milette Gaifman in the news and among the stars.

Yale’s most popular Humanities course! Milette Gaifman teaches Art and Myth in Greek Antiquity, enrolling 200 students and keeping spirits high.

Yale Review photo

"Thucydides in Times of Trouble": Emily Greenwood in the Yale Review

What the historian’s account of an ancient plague taught me when my father died 8,000 miles away. Read Professor Greenwood’s article in the Yale Review