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Graduate Programs

Classical Philology
A program combining in-depth philological training with cutting-edge approaches to classical literature.

Combined Degree Program in Ancient History
Students in ancient history at Yale are exposed to a wide range of historical periods.

A qualification in the multidisciplinary study of antiquity: open to Yale Ph.D. students from across the University.

Classics and Philosophy
The Classics and Philosophy Program is a joint program, offered by the Departments of Philosophy and of Classics at Yale.

Classics and Comparative Literature
This program offers a range of coursework that combines the flexibility of comparative study with the challenge and rigor of classical philology.

Classics and Renaissance Studies
Joint degree program combining the rigor of the philology track with an interdisciplinary focus on the history and culture of the late medieval and early modern periods.

Classical Art/Archaeology
The program is designed to give a general knowledge of the development of art in the classical world from the Bronze Age to Late Antiquity.