Responding to Antiquity

An exhibit curated by Classics undergraduates Grace Blaxill, Charnice Hoegnifioh, Grace MacDonald, Elizabeth Raab, and Claire Saint-Amour, with Prof. Pauline LeVen’s guidance.

This exhibit features responses to Antiquity in a variety of media, created by Yale undergraduate and graduate artists over the course of three "Covid semesters" (2020–2021). These strange times called for alternative forms of scholarly engagement.

Ranging from tongue-in-cheek to passionate, the works featured here illustrate that scholarship can take experimental and daring forms, and that various artistic media (comics, song, poetry) provide fruitful opportunities to experience, and take a stance towards,
the past.

Viewers are invited to reevaluate the intersections of past and present by entering in dialogue with some ancient works (from Archaic epigrams to Ovid), institutions (the symposium) and practices (pseudepigraphic writing) through the perspectives of modern Yale students.

Ma image

Begin, Muses, Begin Again the Pastoral Song

Maria Ma

Classics 1st-year graduate student

Hoegnifioh image

Heroides 7.5: Aeneas to Dido

Charnice Hoegnifioh

Yale College '24

Marquardt image

Phraskleia in Footnotes, or Twelve Notes on Death and Grammar

Savannah Marquardt

History of Art 1st-year graduate student

Sympotic space

The Greek symposium was a private space where men drank wine and exchanged songs, more or less musically complex, to reinforce their social and political bond. Below are several new original compositions, reimagined for modern instruments and voice, in a variety of tones, from cheeky to profound, like their ancient models.

Bott image

Sapphic Ode, reimagined for two horns

Griffin Botts

Yale School of Music '20MM ‘21MMA (Horn)

Keim image

Ode to Music and Wine Video

David Keim

School of Management, 2nd-year graduate student

Walter image

A sympotic poem

Samuel Walter

Yale School of Music ‘21 (Cello)