December 10, 2019
Andrew C. Johnston, Associate Professor of Classics, has won the 2019 Charles J. Goodwin Award of Merit from the Society for Classical Studies for his book, The Sons of Remus...
Christina Pao photo
November 26, 2019
Christina K. Pao, of Portland, Oregon, is completing a double major in political science and classics, as well as an M.A. in political science. Her academic research focuses...
Thucydides image
November 25, 2019
Emily Greenwood is the latest guest on Vanya Visnjic’s “Ancient Greece Declassified” podcast. Emily was the guest expert for an episode entitled, “Thucydides: A...
Sparta group photo
November 4, 2019
Congratulations to Daphne Martin (Yale Classics 2019), for this recent high-profile coverage of the initiative “Embracing Our Monuments in Sparta”, which Daphne founded in...
September 12, 2019
Emily Greenwood writes back to Anthony Kronman’s Assault on American Excellence.  Read it in the Yale Daily News.