Classics Anti-Racism Reading Group

This reading group meets roughly once a month to read and discuss materials related to racism and Classics.

Fall 2022 Schedule:

- Monday, September 26 (2:20pm-3:20pm): discussion of the introduction to Sarah Derbew’s Untangling Blackness in Greek Antiquity and Achille Mbembe’s lecture “Decolonizing Knowledge and the Question of the Archive.”
- Monday, October 24 (2:20pm-3:20pm): discussion of ways to increase the ARRG’s engagement with the New Haven community
- Monday, December 5 (2:20pm-3:20pm): TBD

Please do not hesitate to reach out to the organizers if you have any questions, or are interested in proposing a topic or leading a session (we are open to anything, whether you’d like to lead an informal discussion, workshop a paper or syllabus, formally present relevant work, etc.):

Grace Macdonald -

Elizabeth Raab -

Jasmine Sahu-Hough -

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