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Fellowships for Graduate Students and Post-docs in Classics

Photo of Yale at sunset.This page lists a number of funding opportunities of interest to graduate students in Classics. It is meant to be a starting point for further research and is not to be considered exhaustive. Please contact the DGS if you would like additional information or a list of recent graduates who have been successful in securing grants from the programs in which you are interested.

The Bibliographical Society of America, short-term fellowships.

Summer study1. Archaia Program for the Study of Ancient and Premodern Cultures and Societies Fellowship 2017 (grad):

European Studies Council Grants for Language Study (grad):

Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowships (FLAS) - EUROPEAN STUDIES - SUMMER (grad)

Summer Language Institute Fellowships (GSAS Language Reading Courses) (grad):

Summer Language Institute Fellowships (Yale Summer Session) (grad):

Augusta HAZARD Fund (grad):

Summer Program Tuition Fellowship (grad):

Yale Club of Philadelphia Summer Research Fellowships (grad)

Yale Club of San Francisco Summer Research Fellowships (grad)

Dumbarton Oaks Summer Fellowships (grad/post-doc)

AAUW American Fellowships Summer/Short-Term Research Publication Grants (post-doc)

University of Cincinnati Summer Residency Program (post-doc):

DAAD Summer and Research Fellowships:

American Numismatics Society Summer Seminar

Center for Epigraphical and Paleographical Studies, Ohio State (fellowships and summer school):

Pontifical Institute of Medieval Studies (diploma in manuscript studies)

Rare Books School, University of Virginia (summer programs and fellowships in critical bibliography):

Digital Humanities Lab funding for DH Summer Schools:

Academic Year

Graduate students only

Fulbright Grants for Graduate and Professional School Students:

Beinecke Library Research Fellowships for Graduate & Professional Students

Funding for Graduate Students for Study at the American School of Classical Studies in Athens (Full Academic Year), Regular Member Fellowships (grad):

ASCSA Harry Bikakis Fellowship (grad):

Archaeological Institute of America John R. Coleman Traveling Fellowship (grad):

American Fellowships Dissertation Fellowship (grad):

Charlotte W. Newcombe Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship (grad):

Mellon/ACLS Dissertation Completion Fellowships (grad):

International Dissertation Research Fellowships (grad): 

Harriet and Leon Pomerance Fellowship (grad/post-doc):

MacMillan International Dissertation Research Fellowship

Graduate & post-doctoral students

Ford Foundation Diversity Fellowships (grad/post-doc):

Getty Institute Pre/Postdoctoral Fellowship: Find out more here

ASCSA Cotsen Travelling Fellowship for Research in Greece (grad/post-doc):

ASCSA Henry S. Robinson Corinth Research Fellowship (grad/post-doc):

ASCSA Wiener Laboratory Research Assistant/Associate Appointments (grad/post-doc):

Archaeological Institute of America Anna C. & Oliver C. Colburn Fellowships (grad/post-doc):

Helen M. Woodruff Fellowship of the American Archaeological Institute and the American Academy in Rome (grad/post-doc)

Archaeological Institute of America Olivia James Traveling Fellowship (grad/post-doc):

Harvard University, The Society of Fellows: Junior Fellowships (grad/post-doc):

Onassis Scholarships for Hellenes (grad/post-doc):

Rome Prize (grad/post-doc):

Post-doctoral only

Center for Hellenic Studies/Deutches Archäologisches Institut Post-Doctoral Fellowships (post-doc):

Getty-NEH Institute Postdoctoral Fellowship (post-doc): Find out more here

Wiener Laboratory Postdoctoral Fellowship (post-doc):

NEH Fellowships (post-doc):

Thesaurus Linguae Latinae Fellowship (post-doc):

American Fellowships Postdoctoral Research Leave Fellowship (post-doc):

Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowships (post-doc):

National Humanities Center Fellowship (post-doc):

Various Societies of Fellows in the Humanities:

University of Michigan (–equity-and-inclusion/lsa-collegiate-postdoctoral-fellowship-program.html
Princeton (
Chicago (
Berkeley (

11. General Resources GRAPES at UCLA (updated database of funding opportunities for graduates and post-doctoral students)