Departmental Colloquium 2015–16: Reconciliation

Throughout Classical antiquity individuals, polis factions, cities, state federations, and even empires attempted, sometimes with success, to resolve their disputes without resorting to armed conflict. This colloquium series will examine some modalities of conflict resolution in Classical and Hellenistic times and in the wake of civil wars in the Roman empire.

 Photo of Edwin Austin Abbey, Study of two figures shaking hands.

Topics may include civil war and reconciliation in the Odyssey, stasis at Athens, property and boundary disputes that arose between Hellenistic cites, the restoration of judicial authority following civil war in the Roman Empire, and religious disputes in Late Antiquity. Papers will examine the role played by religious institutions, e.g., the Delphic oracle, the “international” courts of the Hellenistic period, and the literary treatment of successful or failed reconciliation.


  • 9/18/15 Egbert Bakker
  • 10/9/15 Catherine Steel
  • 12/4/15 Adriann Lanni
  • 1/22/16 Lene Rubinstein
  • 2/5/16 James Rives
  • 3/4/16 Noel Lenski
  • 4/1/16 Angelos Chaniotis
  • 4/29/16 P.J. Rhodes


Victor Bers and Michael Zimm