Greco-Roman Lunch

Greco-Roman Lunch is sponsored by the Classics Department and convenes roughly every other week in the Fellows’ Room at Saybrook College. The invitation list comprises faculty and graduate students from the Departments of Classics, History, Art History, Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations, Judaic Studies, Religious Studies, and others. Gatherings convene at 11:45 for lunch followed by a presentation by one of the participants. A brief discussion period follows. The focus of papers ranges freely and explore every aspect of the Greco-Roman world. Lunch is provided free to those who are not on a meal plan.

Dates planned for the fall 2018 semester are:

September 24                         Carol Snow (Yale University Art Gallery)

October 8                                François Gerardin (Ancient History)

October 22                              Savannah DiMarco (Divinity School)

October 29                              Nebojša Todorović (Comparative Literature)

November 5                            Pratima Gopalakrishnan (Judaic Studies)

November 26                          Noreen Sit (Classics)

December 3                            Zachary Smith (Religious Studies)

For more information please contact the organizers:

Emily Helm, Classics

CJ Rice, History and Classics