Greco-Roman Lunch: 2020-21

Greco-Roman Lunch is sponsored by the Classics Department and convenes roughly every other week in the Fellows’ Room at Saybrook College. The invitation list comprises faculty and graduate students from the Departments of Classics, History, Art History, Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations, Judaic Studies, Religious Studies, and others. Gatherings at noon for lunch and a presentation by one of the participants. A brief discussion period follows. The focus of papers ranges freely and explore every aspect of the Greco-Roman world. Lunch is provided free to those who are not on a meal plan.

Presentations should be approximately 30 minutes long, in order to leave about 15 minutes for discussion. Likewise, presentations need not be final products; we also welcome works-in-progress or workshop-style presentations as the presenter prefers.

Dates and tentative titles for the fall are:

October 5: Burton Westermeier: “The History of Titus and Vespasian: The Destruction of Jerusalem in Medieval Scholastic Thought”
October 19: Dexter Brown: “Nothing Beyond What Is Stated by the Poet: The Allegorical Reception of an Aristarchean Dictum” 
November 2: Rafail Zoulis: “Petitions, ideology, and Roman imperialism: A study of late Roman imperial petitions, 193-284 CE” 
November 16: Alexander Marcus: “Woman, Husband, Offspring, Household: Centrifugal Spheres of ‘Possession’ in an Aramaic Incantation Bowl (MC 77.233)” 
December 7: Nebojsa Todorovic: “Translating Trauma, Visualizing Tragedy: Martone and Angelopolous in Comparison”
Zoom links will be sent to mailing lists, or email the organizers:

Francesca Beretta, Classics and Comparative Literature

Nazim C. Serbest, Classics and History

Emily Helm, Classics