Greco-Roman Lunch: 2021-2022

Greco-Roman Lunch, a lunchtime series encompassing all aspects of Greco-Roman civilizations, is sponsored by the Classics Department and convenes roughly every other week. Througout the semester, graduate students and faculty from several of the university’s departments and programs (including but not limited to Classical Archaeology, Classics, History, History of Art, Judaic Studies, Medieval Studies, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, Religious Studies, and digital humanities in ancient studies) meet for lunch, conversation, and an informal presentation by one of their number. A brief discussion period follows. 
Participation in this colloquium provides a forum for participants to receive friendly and productive feedback on current research projects. Presentations are typically around 30 minutes long, leaving time for questions and discussion afterwards. These need not be final products; we also welcome works-in-progress or workshop-style presentations, depending on the presenter’s preference.

We are thrilled that the 2021-2022 series of Greco-Roman Lunch will take place primarily in person, meeting every other Monday at 12pm in Phelps 401. Due to Yale’s COVID policies, in-person attendance is limited to 20 people. We are also not permitted to eat at the event, so the ‘lunch’ aspect of GRL will take the form of boxed to-go lunches. A form will be circulated prior to each event, which can be used to sign up for both in-person attendance and lunch. 

Fall 2021 schedule:

October 4: Joe Morgan, “A Tale of Two Toparchies: Toward a Revised Edition of the Hibeh Papyri”

October 18: Ziming Liu, title TBA

November 1: Emily Helm, title TBA

November 15: Alejandro Quintana, title TBA

November 29: Amia Davis, “Roman Soldiers Drink What? Food Rations and Solder Identity in Latin Literature”

December 13: Max DuBoff, “Suicide in Epicureanism”

Spring 2022 schedule:

January 31: Jasmine Sahu-Hough, “When in Egypt…: Greek Marriage Documents in the Ptolemaic Period and the Position of Women”  

February 14: Maria Ma, “’Time and again I hear the youths mutter:’ Hybrid Traditions of Reception in Chinese Poet Haizi’s To Sappho”

February 28: Federico Maviglia, title TBD  

March 14: Nazim Serbest, title TBD  

March 28: Elizabeth Lavender, title TBD  

April 11: Marie-Ange Rakotoniaina, “Of Seasons and Stones: Representations of Time in Augustine’s Sermones ad populum and Roman African Mosaics”  

April 25: Emily Hurt, “Mobile Senates and Contested Romes: Authority in the Second and First Centuries BCE”

Contact the organizers: 

Eleanor Martin, Classics and History -

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