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Charnice Hoegnifioh ‘24 awarded first place at the 2021 YURA Fall Symposium

November 16, 2021

Charnice Hoegnifioh ‘24 is a pre-medical double major in Classical Civilizations and Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry. On November 6, her poster “The Price of Beauty is Pain: Makeup & Women’s Health in the Roman Empire” was awarded first place at the 2021 Yale Undergraduate Research Association Fall Symposium! Charnice’s research aims to more deeply understand medical humanities and the intersections between the natural sciences, public health, and social identity theory in antiquity and modernity. This project on ancient cosmetics was conducted under the guidance of Dr. Irene Peirano Garrison through the Summer Research Opportunities at Harvard program and was supported by a grant from the Mellon Foundation to the Leadership Alliance.

On YURA and its Symposium: “In order to give undergraduates the opportunity to present their work and have it recognized and criticized, an important part of the research process, YURA is proud to host the annual Yale Undergraduate Research Symposium (YURS), a research conference run by undergraduates for undergraduates. The mission of the symposium is to celebrate and award excellence in student research.”