Ethical Reading: Exemplarity, 10–11 March, 2019. A Joint Oxford-Yale Conference

January 25, 2019

The workshop will bring together seven graduate students from Yale led by Professors Michal Beth Dinkler (Yale Divinity School) and Irene Peirano Garrison (Yale Classics) and graduate students from the faculties of Classics and Theology and Religion at Oxford led by Professors Constanze Güthenke, Hindy Najman and Tobias Reinhardt for a wide-ranging comparative exploration of ideas of exemplarity in ancient Christianity and in Greco-Roman and Jewish antiquities. The workshop will conclude with a key-note address by Professor Peirano Garrison, followed by a response by Professor Reinhardt and a round-table discussion with graduate students and faculty led by Professor Dinkler. Groundwork for the workshop has been laid through an intense engagement with the topic of exemplarity over the course of several months at both institutions, where faculty has been leading parallel seminars on exemplarity and rhetoricity (Rhetorics of the Ancient World (Fall 2018), Professors Dinkler and Peirano Garrison; Ethical Reading: Exemplarity, Professors Güthenke and Najman (Hilary 2019).  The conference is generously supported by Archaia with support from the MacMillan Center, Yale Divinity School, the Yale Classics Department, the Center for the Studies of the Bible in the Humanities, the Oxford Classics Faculty and TORCH.

Yale Papers

Eckhart Chan, Yale Divinity School: “Monica’s Exemplarity: Exploring the Rhetorical Unity of Confessions”

Naila Razzaq, Religious Studies: “Angels, Books and Prophets: The Dynamics of Literary and Ethical Exemplarity in the Book of Jubilees”

Tayla Boylan, Classics: “Herodotus and His Ancient Receptions in the Parekbolai of Eustathius”

Chris Londa, Classics: “Taking and Making Exempla in the Rhetorica ad Herennium and Cicero’s De Inventione”

Gary Wallin, Yale Divinity School: “Patterned After Paul: Exemplarity and Textual Reflexivity in 2 Timothy 1:13”

Mary Davis, Yale Divinity School: “Handmaids of the Lord”

Rachel Love, Classics: “Exemplarity at War: Reading Frontinus and Vegetius” 

Irene Peirano Garrison, Yale: “Beyond Emulation”

Tobias Reinhardt, Oxford