Philologia sacra et profana

Philologia photo.
September 18, 2017

A workshop funded by the Whitney Humanities Center and organized by Yii-Jan Lin, Yale Divinity School; Irene Peirano Garrison, Yale Classics; Kirk Wetters, Yale Germanic Languages and Literatures.

Philologia sacra et profana explores the dialogue between sacred and secular in the history of philology and the development of the idiom of “source”, “original” and “authentic” between and across the fields of sacred and secular textual criticism. The editorial process has been traditionally represented as a process of cultural and material decontamination in which the textual critic is heroically called to sort through textual disunity and corruption to salvage a unified original source. “New philology” has both challenged the supremacy of the traditional Western paradigm of the unified, original source, and called into question the applicability of Lachmann’s method to some textual traditions that are instead characterized by disunity, readerly collaboration and accretion.

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Image: Allegory of grammar; credit Walters Art Gallery