June 25, 2019
Talia Boylan, a graduate student in the Classical Philology program, has won an inaugural Women’s Faculty Forum Gender and Diversity Fellowship for a research project...
Brad Inwood photo
April 19, 2019
Yale Classics congratulates Brad Inwood, Professor of Classics and Philosophy, on his election to the AAAS. Read more here.
Student Awards Photo
April 16, 2019
The Classics Department celebrates Daphne Martin (left) and Christina Pao. Daphne, a graduating senior, has won a Paul Mellon fellowship for graduate study at Clare College,...
Manning Guggenheim award photo
April 15, 2019
Yale Classics congratulates Joe Manning on his winning of a Guggenheim Fellowship for the year 2019-20, along with a John Paul Getty Award for Spring 2020. For more details,...
January 29, 2019
Professor Andrew C. Johnston has won the First Book Award from the Classical Association of the Midwest and South for his book The Sons of Remus: Identity in Roman Gaul and...