Jessica Lamont

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Assistant Professor of Classics
302 Phelps Hall

Jessica Lamont specializes in Greek social history, epigraphy, religion, and material culture of the Archaic and Classical periods (c.750-300 BCE). She studied at the College of William & Mary (B.A. Classics; B.A. Anthropology, 2008), and The Johns Hopkins University (Ph.D. Classics, 2016; Certificate: Classical Archaeology and Art, 2016).

Rooted in social history, her first and current book project examines shifting notions of health and disease in Classical Greece, especially during the fifth century BCE. It suggests that the “rise” and spread of healing cults was something novel within the infrastructure of Greek religion; these new cults emerged amidst the crises of the Peloponnesian War, and blossomed alongside circulating traditions of Hippocratic medicine. This project matured during time abroad in Greece, where Lamont lived and studied from 2011-13 on fellowships from the Alexander Onassis Foundation and the American School of Classical Studies at Athens.

Additional interests involve the concept of “magic” in Classical antiquity — curse tablets, binding spells, voodoo dolls, and incantations. She is completing a project on a new cache of Greek curses from c.400 BCE (editio princeps and commentary), and the traffic in magic in Archaic and Classical Greece.

Lastly, Lamont has research and teaching interests in Greek archaeology and material culture. She has worked for many years as a field archaeologist at sites in Greece and beyond, with a focus on networks of trade and mobility, Greek ceramics, and domestic economies (current projects in Greece and Ethiopia).

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Recent Courses

Fall 2016, 2017

Ancient Greek Festivals (+Trip to Greece, Graduate CLSS/HSAR/ARCG/RLST)
Ancient Greek History (CLCV/HIST)
Literature from Homer to Dante: Directed Studies (HUMS)

Spring 2017, 2018

Living & Dying in Ancient Athens (CLCV/HIST)
Magic, Witchcraft, and Mystery Cults in Classical Antiquity (CLCV)
Ancient Greek Medicine & Healing (CLCV/HIST/HSHM)
Medicine & Disease in the Ancient World (CLCV/HIST/HSHM)

Recent Publications

  • “A New Commercial Curse Tablet from Classical Athens.” Zeitschrift für Papyrologie und Epigraphik 196 (2015), pp. 159-174
  • “Asklepios in the Piraeus & The Mechanisms of Cult Appropriation.” in Autopsy in Athens: Recent Archaeological Research on Athens and Attica. Margaret M. Miles, ed. Oxbow Press 2015, pp. 37-50.
  • (Forthcoming, 2016) ”Of Cults and Curses: Private and Public Religious Ritual in Classical Xypete.” in Popular Religion and Ritual in the East Mediterranean from the 3rd Millennium BC to the 5th Century AD. Vavouranakis, G., Y. Papadatos, K. Kopanias, & Chr. Kanellopoulos, eds. First author with Γ. Μπουντουράκη. Oxford: Oxbow Books. 

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