Verity Harte

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George A. Saden Professor of Philosophy and Classics
402 CT Hall

Verity Harte is a specialist in ancient philosophy, with particular research interests in ancient metaphysics, epistemology and psychology, especially of Plato and Aristotle.

She studied Classics and Philosophy at Cambridge, where she gained her BA (Classics) and M.Phil and PhD (Philosophy) degrees. She held research fellowships at St. Edmund’s College, Cambridge, and St. Hilda’s College, Oxford, and was Lecturer, then Reader, in Philosophy at King’s College London, prior to joining the Faculty at Yale in 2006. At Yale, she holds a joint position in Philosophy and Classics (office in Philosophy: Connecticut Hall). In April 2013, she gave the Whitehead Lectures at Harvard on Pleasure, Knowledge and the Good in Plato’ Philebus.


Ancient Philosophy.

Areas of Research

Ancient metaphysics, epistemology and psychology, especially of Plato and Aristotle.

Courses Fall

(i) Directed Studies Philosophy and (ii) CLSS 622/CLSS422/PHIL622/PHIL422 Plato’s Republic. On leave Spring 2016.  

Recent Publications

  • ‘The Nicomachean Ethics on Pleasure’, in The Cambridge Companion to Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics ed. Ronald Polansky, Cambridge: CUP 2014, 288-318.
  • ‘Desire, Memory and the Authority of Soul: Plato Philebus 35CD’, Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy 46, 2014, 33-72
  • ‘The Life of Protarchus’ Choosing: Plato Philebus 20b-22c’, in Mi-Kyoung Lee ed. Strategies of Argument: Essays in Ancient Ethics, Epistemology and Logic. NY & Oxford: OUP 2014, 3-20.

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