Carl Rice, ‘16

Carl “CJ” Rice is a doctoral candidate in the combined program in ancient history. CJ graduated from West Virginia University in 2013 with two bachelor’s degrees (history and religious studies) and from North Carolina State University in 2016 with a Master’s degree in history.

CJ’s dissertation project, titled “Religio Licita: Empire, Religion, and Civic Subject, 250-450 CE,” examines the question of normative religion and its role in shaping the subjects of empire in the third, fourth, and fifth centuries. Drawing on an array of primary sources (including historiography, oratory, legal texts, numismatics, and material culture), he argues that the late Roman state became increasingly concerned with policing the boundaries of permissible religio and employed a variety of coercive strategies to enforce conformity. His dissertation project examines the development of this normative discourse and its consequences for the empire’s subjects.

In addition, CJ is interested in gender and sexuality studies in the Roman and late Roman worlds, social and cultural histories of antiquity more broadly, and exploring various critical approaches to ‘doing’ ancient history. He is also enjoys thinking about various strategies for teaching the ancient world in a modern university classroom.

Please feel free to contact him at carl.rice@yale.eduPronouns: He/Him/His