Dexter Brown, ’15

Dexter Brown is a doctoral student in the Departments of Classics and Religious Studies. He is interested broadly in Ancient Greek language and literature, ranging across the disciplines of classical philology and Religious Studies. He specializes in (1) the reception of Homeric poetry, especially within the Homeric scholia, and (2) the Jewish-Greek commentary tradition on the Septuagint, especially Philo of Alexandria. His dissertation concerns the very idea of “Homer” and “Moses” as authors in Ancient Greek literary scholarship and the development of a poetics centered around an author’s “intent.” 

Other research interests include: linguistic variation and diachronic development of Post-Classical Greek, including the New Testament; Theories of Philology (Classical and Biblical); Ancient language Pedagogy; Greek Prose and Verse Composition. 

In addition to research, Dexter is passionate about teaching and making the study of ancient languages and literature available to as wide an audience as possible.