Erynn Kim, ‘18

Erynn Kim is a PhD candidate in Classical Philology. She joined Yale in 2018 after receiving an AB in Classics and a certificate in linguistics from Princeton University and an MPhil in Classics from Trinity College, Cambridge University. Her research interests include Akkadian and Ancient Greek epic poetry, poetics, and linguistics, as well as the study of classical reception in Asian-American literature. Her dissertation is a comparative study of dreams and similes in the Standard Babylonian Gilgamesh and the Homeric epics.

“Ismene, Interrupted: Conflict and Resolution through the Particle Μέν in Sophocles’ Antigone,” Mnemosyne (forthcoming).
“Felling the Canon: Classical Roots and Anti-Genealogies in Monica Youn’s Blackacre,” American Journal of Philology 143.4 (forthcoming).
“P.CtYBR Inv. 1430: Letter from the Heroninos Archive,” Proceedings from the 29th International Congress of Papyrology (2022).