Udit Bery ’18

Before coming to Yale, Udit read classics Mods and Greats at Magdalen College, Oxford, where he also completed a BPhil in Philosophy writing his thesis on causation in Plato (with a focus on the Philebus). He is primarily interested in ancient metaphysics, Platonic and Aristotelian. Udit is also interested in the history of the Hellenistic philosophical schools, philosophy and historiography in the Roman Republic, and Roman prosopography. He enjoys reading the major historical texts of the ancient world (especially Thucydides and Polybius) from a philosophical perspective, as well as modern histories of the ancient world (for example, Mommsen, Gibbon, and Syme). Apart from philosophy and classics, Udit enjoys opera, good wine, and cooking. At Yale, Udit plans on continuing to indulge all these interests and perhaps some new ones.